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On this week’s episode of Technophiles David, Kyle & Bryce talk about Facebook’s IPO situation, mind operated robot arms, NASA’s Ultimate App, Google’s new search engine, and Brazil’s new retail ‘Like’ trend.

This week on Technophiles, Bryce, Kyle and David talk about silly putty for potholes and the augmented reality sensation (at least according to Google) Google Glasses!

This week on Technophiles, Bryce, Kyle and David talk about the new New York Taxi, Google’s 8-Bit Google Map ‘prank’ and discuss an issue that a fellow iPad developer may have with the new Retina display on The new iPad.

This week on Technophiles, Bryce, Kyle & David talk about Hulu+ coming to the Wii, also Apple’s preview of their Mountain Lion. The mobile app site ‘Free My Apps,’ DARPA’s robot avatar project, and finally Nevada’s approving of self driving cars!

This week on Technophiles, one of the original cast members of the show, Alex Sheehan, joins us from New York, to discuss the Stop Online Piracy Act, and it’s little sister the Protect Internet Protocol Act. We also examine today’s wide spread internet black out protests concern these twisty two pieces of legislation.

This week on Technophiles, David, Bryce and Ashely talk about life without cable, robot babies for the elderly in Japan, being an at home DJ, and Pioneer’s new Augmented Reality HUD display.

We’re starting the new year off right this week on Technophiles. As the cast anticipates CES, they talk about some of the tech stories that they’re most interested in for the coming twelve months.

This week David and Bryce talk about the new Apple store in Grand Central Terminal, Apple Stores allowing customers to do ‘self check-out’ from their iPhones, an iOS app that allowed tethering called iTether. Also Time Magazine reports on the most relaxing song ever made and finally head-phones that incorporate the iPod shuffle into their physical design.