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Technotes | “The Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt”

Source: Wikipedia
The Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt
sector: science

BY DREW NOWAKOWSKI | A new era of space exploration has begun. Last week NASA’s Orion spacecraft was successfully launched into orbit and safely returned to Earth. The mission, termed Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1), marked the first successful trip of a capsule designed for human travel to outside low Earth orbit since the Apollo program of the 1970’s.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

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Technotes | “Hey CERN, What’s Smashing?”

Source: Wikimedia
Hey CERN, What’s Smashing?
Sector: Science

BY DREW NOWAKOWSKIEarly last week, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, aka CERN, celebrated its 60th anniversary. Since its conception, the now 21-member consortium of European states has been at the forefront of scientific discovery and represents one of the largest collaborations in scientific history. While it is regarded as the birthplace of the World Wide Web, CERN is probably most well-known for creating, housing, and running the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

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Technophiles Podcast | #209 “Self-Folding Robots”

this week’s cast:

This Tuesday Drew skypes in from Chicago to talk with David, Shawn, and Laura about self-folding paper robots! They also talk about a Pew study done about the robot takeover. That piece of paper may be more than meets the eye in the Technophiles’ two hundred and ninth episode.

#179 “CarPlay”

This Friday, David, Shawn, Tina and Drew talk about Apple’s CarPlay and what it might do for driving. Also, Tina brings some new Prject Ara news. Yes, Michael…this is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy ninth episode.

#178 “The Ring”

David’s back, hosting the show, this Tuesday. Shawn, Tina and Drew joins him to talk about UCLA using Twitter data to track HIV outbreaks. They also discus The Ring and it’s ability to record what you do in mid-air! Get back on track because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy eigth episode.

#177 “Project Tango”

Drew hosts the show this Friday. He, Shawn & Tina talk about arguably amazing ‘Project Tango‘ [video] by Google as well as a bunch of smart watch news! This is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy seventh episode.

#176 “Amazon TV”

This Tuesday Tina, Shawn & Drew talk about the rumored launch of the Amazon TV box as well as Facebook’s fake user problem. This is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy sixth episode.

#174 “Robotic Ocean Cleanup Arrays”

Tina hosts the show this Valentine’s Day and brings a special story about 19 year old, Boyan Slats’, plan for cleaning up the ocean. Shawn, Drew and David agree that Slats’ Ocean Cleanup Foundation sounds like a great idea! Somebody get in touch with the Scout team, seriously, because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy forth episode.

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