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#227 “Apple’s ‘Kitty Cat’ Patent”

This week, David, Shawn and Tina discuss the possabilities of a patent that was recently filed by Apple which would control an iPhone’s orientation if it were to accidentally fall to the ground. They also talk about a new minimal watch from Sony. It’s time to tune your inner ear because this is the Podcast’s two hundred and twenty-seventh episode.

#184 “FiLIP”

Tina’s back this Friday to talk about FiLIP with Shawn and David. They also begin to discuss Microsoft’s new ‘post-windows’ strategies, though the conversation does’t lead to where they had expected. Calling Dick Tracy, this is this is Technophiles’ one hundred and eighty-fourth episode.

#177 “Project Tango”

Drew hosts the show this Friday. He, Shawn & Tina talk about arguably amazing ‘Project Tango‘ [video] by Google as well as a bunch of smart watch news! This is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy seventh episode.