Technophiles Podcast

A podcast about how we humans respond to all the weird and wonderful things that technology has brought into our lives.


#338 “General Data Protection Regulation” - 5/21/2018 | Alex and David speak about the GDRP.
#337 “Nintendo Switch Online” - Alex and David talk about Nintendo's new online strategy.
#336 “Ready Player One’s Virtual Reality” - Jake and David talk about some real-world examples of the Virtual reality expressed in Ready Player One.
#335 “Facebook Analytica” - Technophiles Podcast #335Facebook Analytica direct download: .mp3subscribe: itunes | youtube | Google Play | .xmldescription: In this episode Alex and David talk about the recents issues facing Facebook. social: facebook | twitter | tumblr
#334 “Exploring Online Education” - Jake and David talk about the ups and downs of online education.
#332 “3D Printed Houses” - 3/19/2018 | Alex and David talk about companies that are creating ways to use massive 3D printers to print houses.
#331 “How Robo-Advisors are Changing the Finance Industry” - 3/11/2018 | In this episode Leona speaks with David about robo-invisors, microinvesting, and the future of personal finance.
#330 “Genomics and Blockchain” - EP330 | Alex and David talk about the possibility of storing genetic data on a blockchain.
#329 “Cobots” - 2/19/2018 | David and Jake talk about collaborative robots called cobots, as well as the 4th technological revolution.
#328 “HomePod and the Future of Virtual Assistants” - David and Alex discuss Apple's new HomePod as well as what life might be like in a smart home, five years from now.
#327 “SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy” - 1/29/2018 | On this episode of the Technophiles Podcast David and Jake discuss the future of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket and what it means for traveling to Mars.
#326 “Biohacking, Grinders, and Transhumanism” - 4/1/2017 | On this episode Vee talks about the emerging phenomenon of biohacking. The cast also briefly discusses Facebook's new ability to live stream from a PC, as well as rocket balloon hybrids known as Racoons!
#325 “DNA Data Storage” - 3/25/2017 | The cast talks about new technologies that allow massive amounts of data to be stored. They also speak about sideways dictionaries, choking black holes, as well as the CarLock.
#324 “Food Technologies” - 3/11/2017 | Jake talks all about the future of farming and food production. The cast also speaks about new tests for cancer, soft robotics that help the heart, and a drone that helps you fish.
#323 “The Technology Behind Disney Rides” - 3/4/2017 | David talks about the history and technological developments of Disney theme park rides. The cast also discusses SpaceX's plans to send some folks to the moon, robots replacing 90% of workers in a Chinese factory, as well as turning plants into electrical circuits.
#322 “Earths Beyond Earth” - 2/25/2017 | This week the cast talks about the Trappist-1 system. A set of planets that, shockingly, appear to be very similar to Earth. They also speak about a new birth control for men, Microsoft's launch of Skype Lite, and Bill Gates' proposal of creating a robot tax.
#321 “Unpacking and Exploring the Digital Divide” - 2/18/2017 | Jake talks about aspects of the digital divide. The cast also discusses the gene editing summit, a drone that carries people, and DeepMinds aggressive choices.
#320 “The Robot Revolution” - 2/11/2017 | On this episode, Krista-Lee reports on the surprising history of robotics. The cast also talks about the super bowl's drones, Pinterest's visual search algorithm, as well as the Bat-Bot.
#319 “Water” - 2/4/2017 | This week, the cast talks about multiple companies which are leading the way in cleaning water for the population of the world. They also discuss news about Scott Kelly's DNA, a company planning on mining the moon, and news that the six strike piracy system will be coming ...
#318 “The Switch Pitch” - 1/28/2017 | The cast talks all about the Nintendo Switch. They also quickly discuss Libratus the AI poker player, new information on Tesla's fatal accident, and Snapchat's push toward eliminating fake news.
#317 “Technoparenting 101” - 1/21/2017 | It's the season premiere episode this week on Technophiles and the cast hangs out with Drew Nowakowski to discuss some of their favorite tech stories of last season. They discuss Apple and the FBI, Sony's virtual reality system, Scott Kelly returning from a year in space, and nano-technology ...
#316 “Season 9 Begins” - It's the season premiere episode this week on Technophiles and the cast hangs out with Drew Nowakowski to discuss some of their favorite tech stories of last season. They discuss Apple and the FBI, Sony's virtual reality system, Scott Kelly returning from a year in space, and nano-technology winning a ...
#314 “A Brief History of Virtual Reality” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/22/2016 | On this episode, Vee walks us through the history of Virtual Reality. The cast also speaks about National Geographic’s Mars series, walking towards sustainable energy, and Facebook’s merging of Instagram and Messenger for businesses.
#313 “Tesla’s Solar Roof” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/12/2016 | On this episode David reports on Tesla’s reveal of their Solar Roof product line. Jake also brings a story about a computer algorithm that accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential election, and Vee brings a story about Samsung’s new folding phone.
#312 “Mars: Our Obsession with the Red Planet” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/5/2016 | This week Jake talks about the multiple companies with plans to travel to Mars. The cast also discusses Uber’s automation, Minecraft: Education Edition, and the Nintendo Switch.
#311 “Meaningful Play 2016” | Technophiles Podcast - 10/29/2016 | On this episode Krista-Lee reports on her experience at this year’s Meaningful Play conference about theory, research, and game design innovations. The cast also talks about MS Paint getting a 3D update, renewable energy, as well as Uber’s first autonomous beer run.
#310 “The Great Barrier Reef (is not) Dead” | Technophiles Podcast - 10/22/2016 | In this episode, Vee talks about the Great Barrier Reef and the dangers of click bait. The cast also speaks about a hotel in Japan that is run by robots as well as speculations of a digital keyboard on the new MacBooks.
#309 “Working in the Nano-world” | Technophiles Podcast - 10/15/2016 | This week, the cast of Technophiles invites Drew Nowakowski back to the studio to discuss the world of nano-technology. They also speak about the Google Home, the Amazon Grocery store, and a possible path to cure HIV.
#308 “Building the International Space Station” | Technophiles Podcast - 10/1/2016 | In this episode the cast hangs out with Drew Nowakowski to talk about the International Space Station. They also discuss the new DNA editor, CRISPR, as well as Snapchat’s new Spectacles, and Hulu’s two new Virtual Reality shows.
#307 “The Digital Echo Chamber” | Technophiles Podcast - 9/24/2016 | This week the cast talks about the surprising effect of a digital echo chamber. They also discuss robotic prosthetics that connect directly to your bones, muscles, and nerves as well as the new self-driving car policy from the DOT and Osiris Rex’s journey to the asteroid Bennu.
#306 “Apple’s iPhone 7 AirPods and Camera” | Technophiles Podcast - 9/17/2016 | In this episode, the cast discusses the new camera and W1 chip in Apple’s iPhone 7. They also talk about the ‘real life Nexus’, Tesla’s autopilot software update, and robots that are really good at performing eye surgery.
#305 “Open-Source Access” | Technophiles Podcast - 9/10/2016 | This week the cast talks about the myriad of Open Source projects that are taking place in major companies. They also quickly discuss the planet's rising CO2 levels, Super Mario Run for iOS, and the Flatpack truck.
#304 “Autonomous Trucks” | Technophiles Podcast - 9/3/2016 | In this episode, the cast returns from their summer break to talk about the future of the automated trucking industry.
#299 “ISS Facebook Live streams, Google Brain makes Music, and Watson becomes a lawyer” | Technophiles Podcast - 6/4/2016 | ​The cast geeks out about the International Space Station's Facebook LIVE stream, as well as topics about artificial inteligence becoming a lawyer and a musician.
#298 “Reflecting on ‘An Astrophysicist Goes to The Movies'” | Technophiles Podcast - 5/28/2016 | ​It's a special episode this week. Jake tells the cast about his trip to see Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee WI.
#295 “Miitomo and Beyond, Magic Leap, and SignAloud gives sign language a new voice” | Technophiles Podcast - 4/30/2016 | The cast gets together to talk about Nintendo’s plan for more mobile apps, Magic Leap’s Mixed reality glasses, and SignAloud’s gloves that can speak American Sign Language to anyone. Imagine flowers blooming in your mind;s eye.
#294 “Creating Educational Experiences at Filament Games” | Technophiles Podcast - 4/25/2016 | The cast meets with Dan Norton of Filament Games at the Digital Humanities Lab at UWM to talk about what it is like to create educational video games.
#293 “Facebook Live is Live, Whatsapp Announces Encryption for All, and See-through Solar Panels” | Technophiles Podcast - 4/9/2016 | The cast talks about Facebook Live, Whatsapp's encryption, and see through solar panels.
#292 “The new ‘Streets of Old Milwaukee’ w/ Julian Jackson & Greg Post” | Technophiles Podcast - 4/2/2016 | This episode the cast meets with Julian Jackson and Greg Post of the Milwaukee Public Museum to discuss some of the ground breaking technologies used in the new Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit.
#290 “Flushing New Tech, Peeple is Back, and Goodyear’s Spheres” | Technophiles Podcast - 3/12/2016 | This week the cast discusses a new toilet that doesn’t use water, the release of the controversial app Peeple, and Goodyears’s new concept tires that can steer in every direction.
#289 “Apple 1 – FBI 0, Scott Kelly is Back on Earth, Google Car Bumps a Bus” | Technophiles Podcast - It's a special follow up episode this week, as David, Vee, Krista-Lee, and Jake talk about updates to the relationship between Apple and the FBI, Scott Kelley's return to earth, and Google's first fender-bender with a self driving car. Get ready to to test your boundaries of self, because this ...
#288 “Marc Tasman: Remixing Culture” LIVE | Technophiles Podcast - This week David, Vee, Krista-Lee, and Jake meet with artist and senior lecturer, Marc Tasman in the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to discuss the evolution of internet culture and the future of wearables. A selfie a day might keep the doctor away, because this is the ...
#286 “Robots to help sort your recyclables” | Technophiles Podcast - 2/20/2016 | The cast talks about robots that recycle, Apple's situation with the FBI, and the worlds smallest yet largest storage device.
#281 “Volvo and Netflix, Oculus Rift Goes on Sale, and Stronger Smartphone Screens” | Technophiles Podcast - It's the season premier of the Technophiles Podcast, and the cast get's together to talk about Volvo's new Netflix plan, Oculus Rift's sale price, and a new material that could make cell phones screens much cheaper. It's time to Netflix and drive because this is the Technophiles' two-hundred and eighty-first ...
#280 “Stuart Moulthrop: Digital Publishing” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/10/2015 | The cast meets with, special guest, Stuart Moulthrop at the UWM Digital Humanities Lab to discuss the, ever changing, landscape fo digital publishing and hyper text media. After the break he flips the questions back on the cast.
#279 “Gene Editing” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/10/2015 | The cast talks about the story of a one year old girl who was saved from leukaemia through gene editing. After the break Krista-Lee finds a story about spooky action.
#278 “LineFORM” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/7/2015 | The cast talks about the robotic worm, LineFORM. After the break they discuss Oliba’s attempt to transform your old stuffed animals into smart toys.
#277 “NASA’s Newbies” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/7/2015 | Vee brings a story about NASA’s recent job openings. After the break Krista-Lee talks about Facebook's new search feature.
#276 “Starship Technologies” | Technophiles Podcast - 11/3/2015 | The cast talks about Starship Technologies’ future plans for delivery robots. After the break they discuss the intentions of Amazon’s first brick & mortar bookstore.
#275 “A Zombie Story” | Technophiles Podcast - 10/31/2015 | The cast pretends that they are in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse. They must choose whether to take or leave some of the best survival tech of 2015.