Technophiles Podcast – Episode List

#338 “General Data Protection Regulation” - 5/21/2018 | Alex and David speak about the GDRP.
#337 “Nintendo Switch Online” - Alex and David talk about Nintendo's new online strategy.
#336 “Ready Player One’s Virtual Reality” - Jake and David talk about some real-world examples of the Virtual reality expressed in Ready Player One.
#335 “Facebook Analytica” - Technophiles Podcast #335Facebook Analytica direct download: .mp3subscribe: itunes | youtube | Google Play | .xmldescription: In this episode Alex and ...
#334 “Exploring Online Education” - Jake and David talk about the ups and downs of online education.
#332 “3D Printed Houses” - 3/19/2018 | Alex and David talk about companies that are creating ways to use massive 3D printers to print houses.
#331 “How Robo-Advisors are Changing the Finance Industry” - 3/11/2018 | In this episode Leona speaks with David about robo-invisors, microinvesting, and the future of personal finance.
#330 “Genomics and Blockchain” - EP330 | Alex and David talk about the possibility of storing genetic data on a blockchain.
#329 “Cobots” - 2/19/2018 | David and Jake talk about collaborative robots called cobots, as well as the 4th technological revolution.
#328 “HomePod and the Future of Virtual Assistants” - David and Alex discuss Apple's new HomePod as well as what life might be like in a smart home, five ...